Kerala: Explosion in a car parked in Malappuram collectorate premises

Malappuram, Kerala, Nov 01: Explosion in a car parked in Kerala’s Malappuram collectorate premises, bomb squad and dog squad at the spot, reports ANI. The Mlappuram Ist class Majistrate court and the Malappuram collectorate shares one compound. The explosion had taken place near the court.

The Car belongs to Homeo DMO. There is a box in car in which is marked with ‘Base Movement’. The explosives were packed in a Pressure cooker.

A Photo of Terrorist Osama Bin Laden was also found in the car.

It is strongly suspected that some terror groups are behind the explosion.

Bomb squad and dog squad are at the spot.

Reports says that the explosion is similar to that of the explosin in the Kollam court premises, six months back.

A letter has been found from the car. It refers to Muhammad Akhlaq who was lynched in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri in September for allegedly keeping beef in his possession.

Initial reports from police claim that the explosion was well planned.