Kerala: Government fails, Kannur Central Prison now has 600 mobile phones

Kerala: Government fails, Kannur Central Prison now has 600 mobile phones.

Prisoner writes to Ramesh Chennithala, gets response through social media.

Drugs easily available in Kannur Central Prison.

Bureaucracy in complete inclination towards corruption.

Selected officers earn more than Rs. 4000, everyday.

Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 23: Prisoner from the Kannur Central jail wrote a letter about the corruption and inability of the bureaucrats and the revelry of the privileged prisoners.

The letter was addressed to opposition leader and former  Ramesh Chennithala. The letter details about the current situation in Kannur Central Prison. The Kannur Central Jail is now the head quarters of drug mafia, reports

Being certified by the sessions judge, the letter gains more significance and authenticity. Drugs including Ganja and pills are easily available in the prison.

While mobile phones are banned in prisons, about 600 unauthorised mobile phones are currently being used in the jail. At one instance, a prisoner got electric shock while trying to charge hi mobile phone. Nobody noticed this for a long time. The switch board was transferred to the outer veranda after informing the Court.

The time to switch off TV is 9 PM. But nobody is bothered to switch it off and it works indefinitely or till morning. No one is there to control and no body is under control.

Selected officers earn more than Rs. 4000, everyday

One who brings the smallest packet of Beedi inside the prison would get Rs. 100 as remuneration. If that person sells it again the payment would be double. Two bundles containing 20 small packets each, of Beedi are being trafficked everyday. This has almost become a profitable business to bureaucrats, who help to do this and are getting Rs. 4000 everyday.

A prisoner is entitled to check the quality of the meat and fish. If he is not bribed enough with pan masala and other drugs, he will not approve those things. Drugs, drug pills, Ganja Beedi and even costly drugs in ampules are more easily available in the prison rather than its availability in the public market.

The prisoner who wrote the letter to Ramesh Chennithala has also informed the Excise Commissioner Rishi Raj Singh. The opposition leader has strongly responded to this valuable revelation of the prisoner through social media.

The complete text of Ramesh Chennithala’s reaction on social media is given below.