Kerala Law Minister AK Balan says govt. will work according to SC order

In a big blow to Kerala Govt. SC orders to reinstate DGP TP Senkumar, removing Behra
Kerala HC drants interim bail to former DGP TP Senkumar.

New Delhi, May 5: Kerala Law Minister A. K. Balan on Friday said the government will work according to the Supreme Court’s spirit in connection with the contempt notice to state Chief Secretary for not reinstating T.P. Senkumar as state Director General of Police (DGP).

“The government will work according to the spirit of the Supreme Court. It’s the responsibility of the government to comply with the Supreme Court’s order and the government will do that. Let the contempt of court come. The contempt charges won’t stand in this,” Balan said.

Asserting that this isn’t a setback, Balan said the government was using the remedial measures available legally.

“We asked clarification because there was ground to ask for clarification. The honourable Supreme Court has not accepted that. It was only a normal procedure. It’s better to ask the Chief Minister on the future course of action. It is a normal practice that the court asks to pay the cost when they dismiss a petition,” he added.

The response has been sought by May 8.

The peak court likewise forced a fine of Rs. 25,000 on the state for looking for illumination on it decision of reappointing Senkumar as DGP.

Prior to May 3, the Kerala Government had recorded an alteration appeal to under the steady gaze of the top court looking for elucidation on its request to reestablish Senkumar as the state police boss.

The peak court coordinated the reestablishment of the previous Director General of Police (DGP) subsequent to taking note of he was expelled from the post “self-assertively”.

The court put aside the request of the Kerala High Court that had before maintained the Central Administrative Tribunal’s (CAT) choice. The CAT was in concurrence with the State Government’s deciding that exchanged Senkumar from the post of the state police boss.

On April 11, the Kerala Government safeguarded its choice to exchange Senkumar, referring to his exchange was a discipline for how he had taken care of the aftermath of 2016 Putting sanctuary fire disaster, in which 110 individuals were murdered and 300 were harmed.

The fire tragedy refers to an explosion leading to fireworks display going awry at the temple in Kollam district last year. (ANI)