Kerala police carries out ‘Operation Pigeon’ to prevent Kerala Muslims from joining Islamic State

Kerala police carries out 'Operation Pigeon' to prevent Kerala Muslims from joining Islamic State.

Thiruvananthapuram, June 30: An operation named “Operation Pigeon” is being carried out by the Kerala police, Central Intelligence Bureau and the National Investigating Agency to prevent the youth of Kerala from joining the Islamic State. The operation was propelled following the episode in which more than 20 youth slipped out of Kerala and joined the IS in Afghanistan. This episode caused an awesome measure of worry among the security officers who at that point went ahead to frame an extraordinary squad to stop the threat.

Under Operation Pigeon, the initial step was to pick up control over the online networking. The officers filtered a huge number of records of those people who were demonstrating enthusiasm for joining the ISIS or whatever other psychological militant gathering. The group concentrated to a great extent in and around Kasargod. The group at that point met with group senior citizens and parent of the young.

The guardians and the senior citizens were exceptionally responsive, authorities said. These youth who were recognised as defenceless were guided by the seniors, guardians and the police. The session on guiding was administered by the group containing the Intelligence Bureau and the National Investigating Agency. An NIA official said that it was imperative that the older folks in the group were not insulted. A group of extraordinarily prepared officers were deputed for this operation to guarantee that the procedure went on easily.