Kerala Police chief promises proper probe on rape victim’s fresh petition

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 3 (IANS) Kerala Police chief Loknath Behra on Thursday assured a rape victim and her husband that her fresh complaint will be investigated properly and necessary action taken.

“All of you can believe me, when I say that proper action will be taken on the complaint of the victim and there will be no let down,” said Behra after receiving the complaint from the victim, who said she was forced to withdraw her initial complaint after threats.

The rape victim, who hails from Thrissur district, and accompanied by popular film dubbing artiste Bhagyalekshmi and social activist Parvathy along with her husband, told a crowded press conference here that she was raped by Wadakencherry Communist Party of India-Marxist councillor P.N.Jayanthan, his brother and two others.

Bhagyalekshmi, who is also a social activist, told reporters that this victim called her some time back after she participated in a TV debate about rape victims.

“In my debate I mentioned that there are so many victims who do not come out. That night I got a call from a lady saying she wants to meet me. The next day this lady met me… I was shocked to hear her tale and I decided to make this public and am here,” she said.

Though the rape victim and her husband faced the cameras with their faces fully covered, their pain was evident in their voices.

“This happened two years back and I told my husband much later…. when we complained to the local police, they treated us very badly and when the accused threatened me that my husband and kids would be eliminated, I felt scared and retracted my statements under the advice of police,” said the victim.

Meanwhile Jayanthan said that he has done no wrong and when he sought repayment of the money he gave her husband, they filed a case against him to defame him.

But with a fresh complaint, this case will now be re-opened and probed by a high-ranking police official.

Bhagyalekshmi said that the only thing the victim wanted was that she should not be harassed by police in the guise of taking her statement.

She said they will also call on Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.