Kerala Police issue alert over possible poisoning of Sabarimala pilgrims by Islamic State terrorists at railway stations

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Audio clip calling to conduct lone wolf attacks on crowds during Indian festivals like Kumbha Mela and Thrissur Pooram included.

Thrissur/Kerala, November 27: The Kerala State police have issued an alert message following a report from the Intelligence Department of possible poisoning of drinking water supplied to Sabarimala Pilgrims.

The alert has specified the Thrissur railway station, where a huge number of Sabarimala Pilgrims commute.

According to the alert issued, it is feared that the drinking water at the Thrissur Railway station would be poisoned by the Islamic State terrorists.

The alert was issued by the Thrissur Railway Police Station Sub-Inspector to the station manager. The letter stated that the Islamic State terrorist group is planning to poison drinking water given to the non-Muslim people at the trains and railway stations.

The letter requests to take imminent steps to assure that the drinking water as well as food served to the pilgrims, are safe to consume, irrespective of their religion.

The alert letter was taking its round in social media from yesterday. When contacted, the Thrissur Railway police have confirmed the legitimacy of the letter.

Alert issued by Railway Police. Source: Facebook

According to reports, an audio clip in Malayalam was being circulated in the social media, which calls for operating lone wolf attacks like the attack in Las Vegas, in India. It was a call for a war against India by a Malayalam native speaker who might have joined the Islamic State.

Voice clip of Islamic State terrorist calling to kill people in India. Listen to audio given below.

ISIS audio in Malayalam Giving idea how to kill Hindus and chiristen

Ramalingam Ramachandranさんの投稿 2017年11月15日(水)

Source: Facebook.

The audio clip clearly calls to conduct lone wolf attacks on crowds during Indian festivals like Kumbha Mela and Thrissur Pooram. Moreover, it also called to kill non-Muslims by poisoning.

According to reliable sources, the audio clip was originated from Afghanistan through Telegram Messenger. The voice in the clip is identified by the police and it belonged to Rashid Abdullah, who is the leader of a group of IS sympathisers from Kasaragod. Reportedly, they were left to Afghanistan to join the ISIS.

Meanwhile, a senior officer from the Kerala Police Department said, “It is not a thing for the public to panic. It was meant only for the information of the officers in the Department. This is not an imminent threat. It is a general alert,” he added.