Kerala professor from India says he knows how the first cell was formed, which Darwin didn’t

Kerala professor from India says he knows how the first cell was formed, which Darwin didn't

New Delhi,May23: The existence of Homo sapiens and their consequent evolution is an intriguing subject and has long since been a point of interest for scientists, who have delved deeper into it than anyone else to figure out the nuances behind it.

Six million years – that’s how long it took us to evolve from the form of our ape-like ancestors to what we are now and there are still many secrets that scientists are trying to decode.

However, even though there are many experiments and studies underway to figure out the evolutionary secret, a theory developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin in 1859, called the ‘Theory of Evolution’ has been the only explanation that is widely accepted by scientists in this regard.

The theory, also called ‘Darwinism’, states that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.

This theory was largely smothered in controversy, since it questioned the credibility of religious theories of the beginning of humanity.

Darwin made numerous efforts to elaborate his theory and explain that life on earth started from one single cell to all living things we see around- including humans. However, he was unaware about the formation of the first cell.

Be that as it may, a number of studies conducted across the globe and evidence collected only made Darwin’s theory stronger.

But now, an Indian professor from Kerala, Manoj Kumar P, has claimed that after 14 years of thorough research, he knows how the first cell was formed, which Darwin didn’t.

As per a report in The Youth, Manoj tried to understand the process both through science and spirituality especially through the teachings of Nava Jyothi Sree Karunakara Guru, a fully realised guru from Kerala. During the course of his research, he read hundreds of books including the holy Bhagavad Gita and many upanishads.

According to his claims, the solar system is a living organism which Darwin failed to conclude. To support his claims, the professor gives the following reasons:

It has birth and death
It has movement
It has growth
It responses to external stimulus
It reproduces
It consumes energy
Apparently, these are the characters that a living organism has.