Kerala sends Irom Sharmila back after terror group hijack her

Kerala sends Irom Sharmila back after terror group hijack her
Kerala sends Irom Sharmila back after terror group hijack her. Photo: Twitter

Palakkad/Kerala, April 11: Irom Sharmila, the Iron lady of Manipur who came to Kerala after her failure in the Manipur Assembly elections. Reportedly, she was sent back to her homeland after the Kerala state Intelligence Department got the information that Irom Sharmila is almost hijacked by certain terror groups which are active in Kerala. Realising that Irom was actually trapped by the terror group, the intelligence dept. has secretly made her return. Surprisingly, Irom was also totally unaware that she is in the clutches of the terror group.

Reportedly, the Police had got clear evidence for her connections with the terror group. Irom had come to Kerala for one month stay. It was only when the police said, Irom herself became aware of the conspiracies hidden in her accommodation, expenses, journeys and programmes. When she recognised the venerable side, she cancelled all plans and returned within no time.

Irom had come to Kerala not at her own expense or in her party’s expense, but it was all sponsored. When she contested in the state assembly polls in Manipur during last month she got only 90 votes. Though she had dedicated her own life to the people of Manipur, they terribly rejected her efforts through not giving votes. So Irom has come to Kerala with the help of some of her friends who are environmental activists.

Reportedly, certain people in connection with the Jama-Athe-Islami had taken her to Attappadi by influencing the sponsor of Irom and hijacked her even without her knowledge.

“This News never intended to follow Jama-Athe-Islami, but the persons connected with the issue.”

During, recent times there were intelligence reports that certain Islamic terror groups are terror groups are getting strengthened in Kerala. These terror outfits had the aim to make a base in Kerala through social or environmental activism. As part of this move, they took Irom Sharmila to Attappadi. Her accommodation and other expenses in Attappadi were met by certain persons having significant connections with the Jama-Athe-Islami. 

In the view of strengthening terrorist activities in Kerala, they made her participate in strikes organised by them. When the police got the tip-off, they secretly questioned the persons who sponsored Irom Sharmila. This questioning had revealed huge sabotage plans of this terrorist group. As informed by the intelligence department, the Kerala government had avoided Irom Sharmila from appearing in the government’s events.

Reportedly, the top officials of the Intelligence department say that Irom Sharmila’s visit became helpful in one way or the other to obtain various valuable information and to identify several secret moves by this terror group.