Kerala students found a way to smuggle ganja,tablets inside their phones!

Idukki,Sept7:People have been caught hiding drugs in the most bizarre places, mentioning some of which would even be considered unparliamentary. But three Kerala students decided to ring up their smarts when they decided to hide ganja (marijuana) inside their phones, behind the battery. A parchment, chits for cheating or even a love note we can understand, but hiding ganja was quite unexpected.

The three, including two minors, were arrested while crossing the Vandiperiyar check post in the Idukki district, when Kerala excise officers suspected their off body language during a regular security check. They were carrying 230g of glass and a few tablets, reported The News Minute.

“They have confessed that ganja and other drugs were brought in from Kambam. They have also provided information about their source. Since it belongs to the Tamil Nadu range, we have informed the officials there,” Sunil Raj, Excise Inspector, Vandiperiyar told news website. “We also seized some tablets used as drugs. Two were juveniles and one is above 18 years. They are all studying in an ITI,” he was quoted as saying.

The officers reportedly said they didn’t expect it to be there. When they checked the phones, they weren’t in a working condition and that’s when they checked inside and found the drugs.

In India, using cannabis in any form is illegal, though it’s widely consumed in the country for recreational purposes. Cannabis, the plant, has medicinal uses and many countries across the world have legalised restricted consumption of cannabis but in India the debate is never ending between how to allow it for medical purposes while curbing recreational usage.