Kerala teacher’s sexist remarks spark protest on social media

NEW DELHI Two women in Kerala posted topless pictures on Facebook to protest against a professor who slammed woman students in his college for displaying their chests like “slices of watermelon”.

Though Facebook has pulled down the pictures and blocked the two women from the social networking site, the campaign has already caused a stir.

Media reports said that a professor at Kozhikode’s Farook Training College was recorded saying that women in his college did not cover their chests with hijab, instead show part of it “like a slice of red watermelon”.

“I am a teacher of a college where 80 percent of the students are girls and of that a majority are Muslims. These girls are not wearing the dress as per the religious tradition. They are not covering their chests with hijab. But showing part of it is like a slice of red watermelon being displayed,” The Deccan Chronicle quoted the professor.

Reacting to such comments, a man named Vishnu shared topless pictures of his partner on Facebook. Following his example, Thiruvananthapuram-based Facebook user posted similar pictures.

“It’s all your choice. Women should have the liberty to wear what they like. I wonder when would our society stop objectifying women?” Manorama quoted the second woman.