Kerala Tourism counters Yogi government’s view: Taj Mahal gets salutation from God’s Own Country

Kerala Tourism counters Yogi government's view: Taj Mahal gets salutation from God's Own Country

Kerala, October 20: Day by day as the controversy on Mughal mausoleum Taj Mahal increase, Kerala Tourism chose to promote the monument and acknowledged the site’s international appeal. Through Facebook and Twitter accounts, Kerala promotes tourist attraction from the northern state.

Kerala tourism has countered the Uttar Pradesh tourism booklet which had omitted Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Thu ruling UP government has several reasons behind taking such controversial step.

For the past few days, India is debating on the Mughal mausoleum’s Indianness. It is claimed that the Mughals had grabbed the monument which was earlier a Hindu temple.

Subramanian Swamy, BJP Parliamentarian, asserted that he has documents to prove that the property where Taj Mahal was built had been stolen by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan from the then kings of Jaipur.

BJP legislator Sangeet Som came up on Monday with another controversial statement. He claimed that as Taj Mahal was built by a ‘traitor’ Shah Jahan, the monument doesn’t represent Indian culture. Som added that Shah Jahan was trying to wipe out Hindus.

The state chief minister Yogi Adityanath told that it was not a matter who built Taj Mahal and for what reason, after all the monument has blood and sweat of Indians.

BJP parliamentarian Vinay Katiyar claimed that Taj Mahal was earlier named as ‘Tejo Mahal’, which was a Hindu temple having a ‘shivling’. Shah Jahan had razed out the temple to build the mausoleum.