Kerala: Woman chars 14-year-old son after strangulating him, arrested

Kerala: Woman chars 14-year-old son after strangulating him, arrested

Kollam/Kerala, Jan 18: The Kollam Chathannur Police on Wednesday night found the partially-charred remains of 14-year-old Jithu Job in an area close to his home. The discovery was made by the police after the boy, Jithu’s father Job had filed a complaint on Monday that his son is missing.

In the complaint, Job has stated that the boy had gone out to buy a scale and did not come back. After a detailed search in the surroundings of his house, police discovered the boy’s sandals in the backyard. Later, Jithu’s mother Jayamol was questioned. Her contradictory statements to the police became a clue to the cold-blooded murder which she had done.

“We noticed there were abrasions and burn marks on her hand. When we asked her about it, she said it was incurred while she was cooking,” said Chathannur sub-inspector Nizar A.

The police later expanded the search with the help of dogs and came upon the charred remains of Jithu in a compound, a bit far from his home. According to the police, the Class 9 student was strangled to death using a shawl and his body later doused with kerosene and set on fire.

In contrast, some weeks back, an engineering student reportedly confessed to police about killing and burning his mother’s body in Thiruvananthapuram.
Watch mother’s confession below: