Kerala woman makes online harasser to pay fine of Rs25000 to charity

Kerala woman makes online harasser to pay fine of Rs25000 to charity

Kochi,Dec30:When you get a call and asked questions like “What is your rate?”, “When can I meet you?”, “Shall I book a room?”, etc., you will definitely be puzzled. So was Sreelakshmi Satheesh, when recently she got a call from an unknown number, and questions of similar tonality were shot at her. She disconnected that call, but that was not the end of it. She suddenly started getting calls from unknown numbers, all of them asking for her ‘rate’. But she knew better than sitting down and crying about it.

Satheesh, a motivational speaker and the CEO of an educational consultancy firm in Kerala, recently took to Facebook to write about the incident. Written in Malayalam, she said that she was in for a shock when she started receiving such calls. After she stopped answering them, messages asking for her “rate” started pouring in. So much so, she had to switch off her phone. But then she decided not to suffer quietly. She called back on one of the numbers that she had got a call earlier and made him realise what her actual social profile was. Realising his mistake, the man got so frightened that he begged for her forgiveness and even told her how he got her number. He shared the screenshot of a WhatsApp group conversation where somebody had uploaded her number, calling her a “super item”. She recognised him as an acquaintance who would bow down in respect to her, whenever they came across each other, calling her “chechi” or elder sister. He was the regional secretary of the youth wing of a national party, and she decided to file a police case against him.

When the party workers came to know about her move, they pleaded her not to, and to settle the matter out of the court. On her part, she demanded that the man should be expelled from the party and asked for the minutes of the party meeting when this decision is taken. She was supposed to receive the minutes by 8 pm on December 29, but she did not and so decided to file an FIR now. But when the man’s aged father came to meet her and asked for her forgiveness, she demanded that his son donate Rs 25,000 to any charity home and give the bill as proof. She decided on Rs 25,000 because that was the highest her “rate” went when men harangued her from unknown numbers.

According to a Malayala Manorama report, she was surprised that the Facebook post has received such huge response. She said she wasn’t very sure about how he’d react, especially because he was a politician. And since a legal fight will take longer to reach a plausible conclusion, she took to Facebook to reveal the reality of the man. Her post, now viral has been over 1,700 times and has received a huge positive response, from women and girls who lauded her for taking the step.

When contacted the charity home in Thiruvananthapuram where the money was donated, Bins Ravindran, an administration official confirmed that the transaction was indeed made. “After we received the donation, we got two calls asking for confimation of the Rs 25,000 transaction, that we think were made by Sreelakshmi Satheesh,” he said.