Kerala women perform traditional dance to protest increasing number of potholes

Thiruvananthapuram,Sept7:While the standard reaction of anyone driving on roads filled with potholes would be incessant cussing and cursing their own fate, people in God’s Own Country decided to address the problem of their roads filled with potholes in a unique way. A group of women in Kerala took to the streets and performed the traditional dance of thiruvathirakali to protest the inaction of the authorities on the growing number of potholes in the streets.

Five women dressed in the traditional Kerala kasavu sari and jasmine garlands in their hair, these women seemed all ready for Onam celebrations, only that they weren’t. They formed a circle, folded their hands into a namaste and began performing the dance, usually seen during the festival’s celebrations. With Onam fast approaching, we assume this is why the women chose to raise their voice in this quirky way. According to The News Minute, the women’s performance was backed by the CPI(M) district committee in a protest against the delay in repairing the Elamankara-Pottakuzhi-Freedom Road in Ernakulam district.

While the song could easily be mistaken as “Veera veeraada..” — the traditional song to which the dance is performed to, the women performed to a different version whose Malayalam lyrics roughly translated to — “We, women with our children will protest and agitate for the speedy construction of proper roads.” According to The News Minute, the song asked the Mayor should come and fix the roads, so they can celebrate Onam without hassles.

According to The News Minute, the song asked the mayor to come and fix the roads, so they  can celebrate Onam without hassles.

The move to invoke awareness about the terrible condition of roads saw the public participating and a Malayalam actress and producer Sandra Thomas in attendance.

Bengaluru too, addressed the problem of potholes that have claimed the lives of many commuters recently. While last year, an artist constructed a life-sized crocodile in a pothole on its road, this year in July, the locals conducted a ‘pothole puja’  to bring the menace to authorities’ attention.