Killer game strikes again: Class 7 student jumps off from school building

Killer game strikes again: Class 7 student jumps off from school building

New Delhi/Indore, August 11: In another shocking incident, a 14-year-old boy from Indore has attempted suicide by jumping from the third floor of his school building, allegedly after playing with the killer game, “Blue Whale Challenge”.

The seven grade student from Chameli Devi School was heading towards the class after the morning assembly. The boy suddenly climbed atop of the railing and tried to jump off, but he was saved by his classmates.

Later the school authorities informed the Police. Speaking to Rupesh Dwivedi, Additional Superintendent of Police, who were now investigating the “killer game” case, stated that the online game is already installed in his father’s mobile phone, which the kid often used to play with.

We are looking this as a serious issue and also instructed the school authorities to counsel the child and his parents to keep away the killer game from children, Rupesh Dwivedi said.

As per the media reports, the boy was very much annoyed when his Physical training teacher Sheikh Mohommad Farukh.

Sangeeta Poddar, the School Principal said that the boy was initially scared by all, but later the boy told us that he could not complete a task which given to him while playing an online game, and was asked to commit suicide.”

A few day before, a 14-years-old boy Manpreet from Mumbai has killed himself by jumping off the terrace of his seven-storied building in Andheri.