Kim Jong-un looking for `5’10 tall` charming groom for spinster sister

This number contrasts with the 153 field visits Kim made last year.

Melbourne, May 22 : Workers’ Party of Korea chairman Kim Jong-un is all set to launch a Bachelor-style dating competition to find a husband for his spinster sister Kim Yo-jong, who has recently been elected as a member of the powerful Central Committee in North Korea.

In order to find a spouse for his unmarried sister, 33-year-old Kim Jong will personally examine thirty likely candidates from the capital Pyongyang’s elite, reports. The matchmaking contest will be similar to bachelor show with only difference that men will in this vie for Kim’s attention.

It is being said that a similar event was organized way back in 2012 but no man lived up to the expectations of Jong-un. The North Korean dictator is looking for a spouse, who must be a graduate from Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung University, 5’10 tall with charming personality and should have served in the army. 29-year-old Yo-jong has been elected into the high office at the seventh Congress, which was held for the first time in 36 years earlier this month.