Kim Jong Un’s cyber war is so secret that his ‘King Fighters’ will live like ordinary people

WannaCry ransomware cyber attack: Govt should come up with national cyber security law
Kim Jong Yun's cyber war is so secret that his 'King Fighters' will live like ordinary people.

Pyongyang/N Korea, May 19: When the Wannacry Ransomware has become more dangerous after entering into its third edition, a group of people is again becoming the centre of attraction. They are North Korea’s Secret Cyber Army Bureau 121. Even if the country is in poverty, the government will not make any delay in making their payments.

Sometimes this cyber team loots money for the country. This cyber cell under the North Korean spy team has the most intellegent computer experts in the country. It is public that the government uses the Bureau 121 to seize the secrets of foreign countries and destroy their computer networks.

The key opponent of the North Korea’s cyber war is its captive enemy South Korea. It is believed that this team is behind cyber attacks that have destroyed over 30,000 computers in South Korea’s banks and broadcasting companies.  Soon after this, South Korean government websites were hacked. Not only was it hacked, but also the message appeared like “Kim Jong Un long live”.

The answer to the North Korean opposition to the US is made clear. It started as America has joined hand swith South Korea in the Korean War of 1950-53. With the arrival of Donald Trump as president, its hatered has doubled.

Who joins Bureau 121?

During graduation itself, students will be given hacking lectures under the command of the North Korean army. Interested members would be given special training. Some of these students will be trained with other students at various institutions, including at the Military College of Computer Science. The camps in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea also provide this type of coaching. It is known to be a protective campus with tight security.

Unethical hacking methods will be taught here. At least 2500 students are enrolled in the course every year to the Bureau 121. However, only after a series of investigations, the military will select their candidates.

The hacker’s paradise N.Korea will give high salary and official poweres to hackers.

After joining Bureau 121, best salary, gifts and high posts in the society are all guaranteed. There is a high rank in the army for the members of Bureau 121. At present, 1800 people are working in the Bureau 121. The main weapon of this army is computers. At least 100 members after completing five years of studying at the University of Automation would join the Bureau 121 every year.

Some of these people are leading an ordinary life in North Korean companies in other countries, as civilians. But there too are indulged in same spy work. This too is maintained as a top secret. Meanwhile, the family of the member in the Bureau 121 is provided by the government with huge concessions and luxury accommodation in North Korea.