Know your budget: What’s cheaper, Whats’s dearer

Know your budget: What's cheaper, Whats's dearer

New Delhi, February 01: The Union Budget announced for 2018-19 focuses on proffering affordable, clean alternative energy sources; the taxes on fuel cell based power generating systems, solar tempered glass, and wind operated energy generator were reduced.

Tobacco consumers have nothing good to take away from the budget, following last year’s trend, the new budget increases tax levied on Tobacco products.

Products that are turning costlier

Things turning expensive

* Cigarettes, pan masala, cigar, cheroots, bidis, chewing tobacco

* Cashew nuts

* LED lamp components

* Aluminum ores and concentrates

* Polymer coated MS tapes used in manufacturing of optical fibres

* Silver coins and medallions

* Printed circuit board used in making mobile phones

*  Watches

*  Tyres

*  Imitation Jewellery

*  Toothpaste

*  Mobile phones

*  Imported Cars

Products that are turning cheaper

Products that are turning cheaper

* Booking railway tickets online

* RO membrane elements for household usage


* Solar tempered glass used in solar panels

* Fuel cell based power generating systems

* Wind operated energy generator

* Vegetable tanning extracts used in making leather products

* POS machines card and fingerprint readers

* Group insurance for Defence services