Know your civic rights, in a fun way

New Delhi, Jan 19 (IANS) How well do you know the Constitution of India? Are you fully aware of your rights or do you feel deprived of the basic duties that you deserve?

Well, here is an organisation that believes in making you aware of your civic rights. Samvidhan Live – the Jagrik Project by ComMutiny the Youth Collective has come up with this unique concept to spread awareness among people, not in classrooms, but through fun games.

“There is a need to create more and more self to society journeys that will help the youth of this country to lead their own development and growth. It is time for the youth of the country to stop blaming the system and government and to instead start claiming our common spaces,” Lokasish Saha, Director, Programmes told IANS.

This organisation takes to the streets and community centres to spread knowledge and create more awareness. Through its initiative, the organisation wants young people to experience how the rights and duties in our constitution are being lived and report back their experiences to the rest of the world.

“We wanted to construct an initiative where young people from various background, region, gender, religion and demography understand not just their fundamental rights but also perform their fundamental duties and build their capacities for meeting challenges in the real world,” Saha added.

Since the organisation does not believe in blackboard ideology, it involves outdoor activities mixed with some fun elements.

“Each team member is paired with another from a different background to embark on a five week long journey to find out about their responsibilities and perform several duties to explore their inside-out youth leadership, complete challenges that will test them both emotionally and physically,” Saha mentioned.

The initiative, which began on November 26, has already seen around 450 members engaging themselves with the initiative spreading over 25 states.

“It’s important that we just don’t talk about women’s empowerment but their rights have to be delivered to them. I am very grateful to (Udaipur NGO) ALFA, which gave us a chance to be a part of the project. This game for me is not a matter of 5 weeks but through this journey, I want to inculcate all my learning’s into my daily life,” Yudishthir Chaubisa, who is a part of the programme, said.