Kolkata’s Tall Tree Nursery goes online

Kolkata, Oct 26 (IANS) Set across a sprawling six-acre plot in the north-eastern fringes of the eastern metropolis, the ‘Tall Tree Nursery’ that houses 114 species of tall trees besides other plants, has gone online.

Maintained by the West Bengal Forest Department, the unique nursery, launched in July at the city’s New Town satellite township here promises to take care of all greening needs.

Besides tall trees and their saplings, the nursery also has medicinal plants, as well as ornamental species.

“It essentially caters to tall trees. Once they have reached a certain height, you can replant them and be sure they will survive,” T. Dasgupta, in-charge of the nursery, told IANS.

“In addition to catering to the local demand, the venture also serves people outside the township and state. There is a good demand for trees in Jharkhand. Since it is online, anyone can browse through the collection and order saplings,” he said.

It also breathes a new lease of life to old plants.

The 5.943-acre site is adjacent to a water body and is segmented into zones for palm species, fruit species, tree species and ornamental plants.

From coconut to bamboo to cashew to beetle nut to mango, the nursery also offers a collection of medicinally important plants such as lemongrass, tulsi and bel.

Through scientific re-plantation techniques, trees that have overgrown elsewhere are brought here and re-planted, said Dasgupta.

The primary aim is to provide tall saplings (of two years and more in age and about four feet high) for plantation along boulevards, roadsides and in organisations, in and around Kolkata.

Tall Tree Nursery is a joint venture between West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. and West Bengal Wasteland Development Corporation Ltd.