Kumon learning school to spread to Tier II, III cities

New Delhi, Dec 23 (IANS) With more than 100 centres in India, the Kumon Institute of Education – a private educational hub that traces its roots to its Japanese parent and which helps students to be more tactful and self-indulging while solving problems – now eyes to expand to Tier II and III cities.

“The Kumon learning module helps students to be more tactful and self-indulging while solving problems that are challenging and demand analytical skills. Through focused and self-learning methods, students can easily resolve problems that are even beyond their school grade level,” Daichi Nozue, Group Leader, PR and Franchise Development told reporters here.

Kumon was started in in 1954 in Japan and currently there are more than four million students in across 49 countries. Pioneering in two subjects Mathematics and English, Kumon believes in developing the learning skills of students diverting from the traditional way of teaching in schools.In India, it is spread across 17 cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru and plans to soon enter in three new cities – Chandigarh, Dehradun and Kanpur.

At Kumon, the worksheets are designed in a way that enables students to progress gradually but steadily in small steps and are structured around essential elements for the study of high school level differential and integral calculus. This allows students to advance as quickly as possible on their own to high school level mathematics.

“The Kumon methodology has gone through rigorous research for the last 60 years while the worksheets have had their due revisions from time to time. Kumon after-school programme is meticulously designed for any child to use his or her brain to the fullest and develop their abilities to the maximum aided by highly trained professional instructo”s,” Shaista Shaw, Group Leader – Instructions said.