Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi perform for Clinton’s campaign

Washington, Nov 8 (IANS) Singer Lady Gaga joined forces with rockstar Jon Bon Jovi at a special midnight rally in support of the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, saying she “is the one”.

Gaga and Bon Jovi appeared together on stage in Raleigh, North Carolina for a performance of the rockers’ 1980s classic “Livin’ on a prayer”, while Gaga stayed a little longer in the spotlight for a handful of solo numbers, reports

Dressed in black with a red armband, the pop singer gave a few well timed shout-outs as she appealed to Democrats not to “hate his (Donald Trump’s) followers”.

“Hillary Clinton is the one,” she said. “Hillary Clinton is made of steel. Hillary Clinton is unstoppable.”

Gaga added: “I can promise you that she will protect us not just from the outside but on the inside as well.”

She finished it off by donning a pair of mirrored aviators and imploring the crowd, “Why don’t you put your voting shades on, practice your walk to the polls, and go out and vote for Hillary Clinton. I think it’s time to come to Mama.”

Earlier in the evening, Bon Jovi and singing sensation Bruce Springsteen showed their support for Clinton at a rally in Philadelphia.

Bon Jovi performed a four-song set that included a cover of The Beatles’ “Here comes the sun”, while Springsteen performed “Thunder road,” “Long walk home” and “Dancing in the dark”.

Polling opened in the US early on Tuesday for the highly-anticipated presidential elections, with pollsters giving a slight edge to Clinton over her rival Republican Donald Trump.