Landslide Killed 46 People In Ethiopia

New York, March 13: A landslide on Sunday killed at least 46 people at a waste dump outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
According to CNN, officials were still investigating how the landslide at the sprawling Koshe landfill occurred.
“The government had also been building a factory to convert waste products at the landfill into electric energy,” CNN quoted communications minister Negeri saying.
He added that security personnel were still searching for people who have been reported missing in the landslide and that the government is working to resettle the families affected.

Many people at the landfill were “frantically looking for friends and family,” Hope for Korah, a Canadian NGO that assists people living in the area near the dump, said on its Facebook page. Some of the people who were trapped in the landslide made calls from their phones in the hopes of being rescued, the group said. One woman and her three children managed to scramble to safety just as their home became caught up in the landslide, according to the NGO.

In recent years, the country has been one of Africa’s top-performing economies and a magnet for foreign investment, with growth in near-double digits and huge infrastructure investment.

Still, nearly 20 million Ethiopians live below the poverty line set by the World Bank. Critics have hit out at the government’s economic policies, saying they have a limited trickle-down effect from the elite to the majority of the people.

A similar landslide occurred in December 2015 at a waste dump in Shenzhen, China, killing 58.