Las Vegas shooting: Doubted a political game behind the attack, kills 59 people

Las Vegas shooting: Doubted a political game behind the attack, kills 59 people

Las Vegas/United States, September 3: How long do we let gun violence tear families apart? Mass killing at United States shows the deadliest incident that happen in recent years.

Stephen Paddock ? the question reminds still, is a planned attack or a psychopath killer, The 64-year-old Las Vegas gunman who killed over 59 people and wounded 527, and 19 at home.  shows a well planned attack that happen in Las Vegas and the person should be considered extremely dangerous,not a psychopath.

Reports say, that His father Benjamin Paddock had been locked up in 1960 for robbing an Arizona bank, and escaped in 1968 and spent nearly three years on the run before the FBI caught up to him in Las Vegas in 1971, and listed as a most wanted criminal on the reports of FBI.

As per the police reports, stated that officials have recovered 34 weapons belonging to Stephen Paddock, which including 16 from the hotel room and 18 at his home at Mesquite, investigation clears that some of the weapon are Automatic Weapons. inducing a powerful Automatic Rifle illegally modified and transformed in to machine guns.

The FBI stated that Monday that,the 64-year-old killer, Identified as US citizen,and also have a girlfriend living at his homeland, and he has no connection with any International Terrorist group, The Islamic state group earlier declare the responsibility, confirming that Stephen Paddock  was a recent convert,but beyond this declaration, which shows no proof, the killer motives was unclear and little was known immediately beyond his name and his choice of target.

Stephen Paddock from the Mesquite was killed himself as police closed in on his hotel room, the lack of known motives so far cloud whether the shooting shows any traditional definitions of terrorism. its also generally include having a political, economic, and religious, and using violence to conveys message to a broader audience than just the victims.

after the Shoot President Donald Trump sent a self-congratulatory tweet “for being right on radical Islamic terrorism.” On Monday, as president, Trump offered condolences to victims and their families and called the shooting “an act of pure evil.”

Earlier in November 2015, act of pure terrorist attack that happen in Paris, over 130 killed and the 2011 rampage by Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, a neo-Nazi who gunned down 77 people in 2011.

The concept of every terrorism and terrorist activities that happen in united states people believes that there is a racial components to United states that to clarify prosecute with domestic terror laws. More over a beeing confirming it as a terrorist attack, there will doubted as political game behind the  shootout at Las Vegas.