Late Night dosa Stall Shut Down, Techies battered in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, May 26: Hyderabad or better known as Cyberabad has come up with a new rule in the city which imposes time limits to late night dosa stalls bringing a bad news to IT employees.

According to the new rule, all the dosa carts are supposed to shut before midnight and open only after 4 pm next morning. However, this new rule has created a ruckus among IT employees surviving through night shifts as dosa stalls are their only medium of killing midnight hunger.

The rule has been issued under the City Police Act in order to maintain law and order in the city after fatal incidents that took place last year.

When asked about the reason behind imposing the new rulse, Additional DCP South Zone K. Babu Rao told The News Minute, “In the street fight case which took a life in 2015, the gang used to gather near dosa carts. In most of the cases, we found that youngsters who gather near dosa carts and food stalls get involved in petty quarrels that lead to violence. So by imposing a time restriction, we are trying to maintain law and order in the city.”

Midnight snack has become a hunger hack for many IT and business employees in the city. In order to keep themselves awake and charged up, all they can depend upon is dosa and little tiffin stalls. Shutting them down will eventually affect the lifestyle of such working class who stay far from home and depend on cheap and yummy roadside food.

The areas which are majorly famous for serving dosas and other tiffin stalls are DLF, Madhapur, Gachibowli which many night shift employees are accustomed with.

While speaking to few IT employees, 24 year-old Shreshta says, ” I am from Delhi and living here in a hostel. Due to crazy shifts I fail to cook for myself. During my night-shift, all I could hog on to keep my charisma going was Dosa. Infact, among all South Indian dishes, I can eat only dosa. Hearing the news of these stalls shutting down is leaving me baffled. I don’t know how will I manage to get a tiffin from home now.”