Launch date not fixed; OnePlus 3T smartphone in India soon

New Delhi, Nov 23 :  After the success of its OnePlus 3 this year, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus will soon launch a new flagship device OnePlus 3T in India.

“Getting the OnePlus 3T to India has been a top priority for us and we are delighted to announce that we are all set to release the OnePlus 3T in India shortly! The next big question on everyone’s mind would be the announcement of the launch date,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, fans can play a “Truth or Dare” where they can choose to either “ask the company anything” or challenge it to an “adventurous dare”.

“We’ll put out a Facebook ‘Truth or Dare’ poll, allowing our fans to determine how we should reveal the big date, which you all have awaited eagerly and in doing so will make history for being a community which truly owns its brand and not the other way around,” the company added.

The launch date is expected to be announced soon.