Law Commission of India strongly recommends linking UID in registration of marriages

Law Commission of India strongly recommends linking UID in registration of marriages.

New Delhi/, July 4: The Law Commission of India on Tuesday, while recommending compulsory registration of marriages, stressed on linking the registration to the Unique Identification Number (UID) in order to achieve universal tracing of records. A report published by the Law Commission said, “Also if registration of marriage is linked to the unique identification number (UID), it would be possible to achieve universal tracking of records.”
The Commission also opined that the time limit to register marriage should be restricted to 30 days, thereafter inviting a penalty of Rs. 5 per day.

“The Amendment Bill ought to give that if the Birth or Marriage or Death is not enrolled inside the predetermined time confine, at that point the Registrar should on the installment of a late expense, enlist the passing or birth (an) inside a time of 30 days (b) inside one year, just with the composed consent 36 of the recommended expert; and (c) following one year, just on a request of a First Class Magistrate. It accommodates a punishment of Rs. 5 every day in the event of postponement in enrollment of ‘marriage without a sensible cause’,” the announcement read.

The Commission additionally proposed that the altered law would empower better execution of numerous other common and in addition criminal laws. It would give residents, not new rights, but the rather better implementation of existing rights under different family laws that give and give to secure many privileges of companions inside a marriage. This Bill would supplement the area of family laws that as of now exist and is not gone for evacuating, annulling or changing particular religious/social practices and laws that are acknowledged under individual laws winning in India, the report said. The Registrar, who is in charge of the enlistment of births and passings, should be in charge of the enrollment of relational unions too.

“In the event that the Registrar finds that any section of a marriage in the enlist kept by him under this Act is wrong in shape or substance or has been falsely and shamefully got made, he may, subject to such guidelines, as might be made by the State Government concerning conditions on which and the conditions in which, such passages might be revised or scratched off, redress the blunder or wipe out the passage by making a reasonable section in the edge, with no change of the first passage, and should sign and authenticate such a passage, and furthermore show the date of amendment as well as cancellation so made. Given that no such adjustment or modification should be made to the impairment of any individual without giving him a chance of being listened,” the report read.

The Law Commission of India is the sentiment that obligatory enlistment of relational unions is a fundamental change and prescribes the correction of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 reasonably to incorporate necessary enrollment of marriage too inside its degree so that current managerial hardware can do enlistment. The Commission additionally suggested appropriation of finish mechanisation prepared by utilising the procedure of paperless documentation.