LDF calls for harthal in Kerala on Nov 28 due to demonetization and co-operative sector neglect

UDF postpones Kerala hartal on 13th to 16th October as the state hosts FIFA U-17 World Cup

Thiruvananthapuram,Nov24:In view of the overall protest by the opposition  against the demonetization measures,A hartal has been declared by LDF in Kerala on Monday Nov28.

Banks and essential services have been exempted from the dawn to dusk hartal .The demonetization reform has hit the functioning and threatened the survival of the co-operative sector in Kerala.

The hartal has been called for the neglect by the centre  in the co-operative sector and PM Modi has denied permission for the  all-party meeting of leaders from Kerala with him.This was made as a press statement by LDF convener Vaikom Vishwan.

The central committee politburo of the CPI(M) ruling party has decided the every state committee can decide the particulars of the hartal.

The CPI(M) secretariat will be deciding the exact course of action in the conduct of hartal on Nov28.

CPI(M) Kerala committee has decided to intensify the protest against the demonetization process.They want the last date of usage of old Rs500 and Rs1000 notes to be extended till Dec30.Six left parties have decided to strengthen their joint protest against the central government .