Leader of far-left terror group arrested in Athens

Athens, Jan 5 (IANS) The Greek police on Thursday arrested the leader of a far-left terror group and one of the most wanted people in the country.

Pola Roupa, one of the heads of the “Revolutionary Struggle” (EA) group, was arrested early in the morning in an Athens suburb along with another woman who had reportedly been hiding her in her home, Efe news reported.

The urban guerrilla group, considered a terrorist organisation by Greece, the European Union and the US, was active between 2003 and 2010 and has been accused of being behind at least 20 bombings and shootings.

She was arrested in 2010, along with several other EA members, but once released on bail in 2011 she and her partner Maziotis fled.

In 2014, the then Prime Minister Adonis Samaras offered a two million euro ($2.1 million) reward for the capture of Roupa and Maziotis, another group leader.

Roupa is suspected of having perpetrated several armed robberies, and in March 2016 she wrote an open letter to the press claiming responsibility for a bank robbery.