Learn this super fast way to book tatkal train ticket

Using Android app is a better way to book the ticket than using the website to book the ticket.

When booking train ticket most of the time is consumed when typing passenger details & making payments.

To save time on passenger details: use this below app it has a feature of express booking in this feature you can add passenger details beforehand. So when you reach fill in passenger details page, u will find those details already filled, it can save you from 30 seconds to minutes depending on your number of passengers.

Doing payment is the second thing.

While making payment, you have the option to choose Paytm wallet but if you use it, when booking, it will take time for OTP, bank details.

To avoid feeling all these details, add money to your Paytm wallet before you actually book the ticket and also save your Paytm login details in your browser.

So it will save you at least 50–60 seconds, which are consumed by when you are making an online payment due to OTP, debit-credit details or net banking.

If you follow these two options, you can definitely save 1 minute of your time, when booking tickets.Where in 1 minutes 70–80 tickets get booked.