Legion hacker group to target sansad.nic.in

NEW DELHI,Dec13: Legion, the hacker group behind the four high-profile Twitter account breaches and two data dumps in the past fortnight, says its members now have their eyes set on sansad.nic.in — which provides email services to government employees.

“Next is a dump of sansad-.nic.in emails. Which is — quite big. It includes a lot of _BIG FISH_,” a Legion member told Factordaily.com, a tech news website, over an encrypted chat interview.

In another interview, with Washington Post, a Legion member claimed to have access to entire servers, like that of hospital chain Apollo, where J Jayalalithaa was hospitalised before her death.

He said Legion was unsure about releasing data from those servers because it might cause “chaos” in India. The hacker group also claimed that India’s digital banking systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

“We… ourselves have confidential data pertaining to NPCI /IDRBT (hub servers, and even have the encryption keys/ certificates used by some banks in India,” Legion said. However, the group seemed to suggest that it was not particularly keen on exploiting this weakness.

 In their interviews with Washington Post and Factor-Daily.com, they also bemoaned the lack of basic data security practices. The hacker who spoke with the Post described the group as a “bunch of computer g33kz addicted to crime and drugz”.
Hacker group Legion numbers in the “higher single digits”, according to a member of the group. Their objective is to put “as much classified information out in the public domain as possible”, he told Washington Post in an interview. In another interview to Factordaily-.com, a Legion member responded to a question about possibly targeting BJP, saying: “We will own them too, when the time is right.”
 Over the last few days, Legion compromised the accounts of liquor baron Vijay Mallya, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, and senior NDTV journalists Ravish Kumar and Barkha Dutt. They published 277 files purported to be documents pertaining to Vijay Mallya’s personal and financial dealings. These included credit card bills and scanned copies of his passports. In the case of Dutt, they released a “partial” dump of her emails, 1.2 GB in size. When they breached Gandhi’s Twitter account, they threatened to release data on Congress as well.
 As for the leaks, the hacker told the Post that the group “ended up with access to over 40k+ servers in India, and we decided — hey, why not write a tool to sift through them for interesting data?” The hacker, who listed progressive house music as a “passion”, said artists like Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Global Communication were “influences”. Asked to respond to those who insinuate the group has political motives, the hacker told the Post, “We kindly request them to gas themselves with a balloon filled with zyklon B.” Zyklon B is a cyanide-based pesticide. Through their tweets on the compromised Twitter accounts, Legion has also threatened to leak data of former IPL chairperson Lalit Modi.
Highlights of the Factor Daily

Highlights of the interview: 

1. The group claims it is not on Twitter. They disassociated themselves with all Twitter handles operating in their name.

2. They claim Indian banking systems can be easily hacked but say they won’t do it.

3. They said their next hack would be of sansad.nic.in, followed by a document dump.

4. They said they would support #DigitalIndia if it was based on cryptocurrency.