‘Legion’ hacks server of Apollo hospital Chennai, secrets behind Jayalalithaa’s death to be out soon? 

Chennai, December 13: The server of Apollo Hospital Chennai, where Jayalalithaa had undergone treatment and where she had died, has been hacked. It is being identified that the hacker group Legion had done it. The information is revealed in an interview with Washington post.

Legion says that if they reveal all facts about Jayalalithaa at Apollo Hospital, it would lead to a mutiny in India.

From the day one of Tamil Nadu Chief MInister J Jayalaithaa’s admission at Apollo Hospital Chennai, no details were given to the public. She was admitted to hospital when she suffered with fever and dehydration. But everything is still a secret regarding her treatment and death.

Only a few of her aides had seen her after entering the hospital. Not even one authentic person has seen her while she was on treatment at Apollo Hospital. Not even her voice or Photograph was released in this period.

It was said that Jayalalithaa had died even before December 5 and the body was embalmed.

Legion claims that they got all details regarding Jayalalithaa’s treatment and death. Those details are said to be capable enough to initiate a great chaos in India. They also said that they will expose all the information regarding this.