LG releases new levitating speaker to be unveiled at CES 2017

LG releases new levitating speaker to be unveiled at CES 2017

LasVegas, Dec27: LG have started giving teasers around future products they plan to unveil at the event. LG is planning to a ‘futuristic’ levitating portable speaker called PJ9, which will be unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

The wireless speaker is designed to hover in place over its Levitation Station, with LG promising the delivery of high-quality audio along with an ‘eye-catching’ design. LG P omnidirectional speaker levitates in the air with the help of powerful electromagnets, which are inside in the Levitation Station.The sound system has a sub woofer in the Levitation Station, which the company promises will deliver a deep bass.

“Our latest addition to our growing lineup of premium wireless audio devices is not only eye-catching but also communicates the message that LG is serious about bringing something different to the table,” said Brian Kwon, president and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company in a press statement.

“We are absolutely dedicated to exploring new concepts and to pioneering innovative designs for its advanced audio products for consumers around the world, and the PJ9 is the latest example of this commitment.”

LG promises 10 hours battery life with this speak, and as the speaker runs out of juice it automatically descends to the Levitation Station – beginning to start charging wirelessly without an interruption in music. The speaker is IPX7 rated, which means that it is capable of withstanding rain, snow or water splashing. Multi-point technology enables the speaker to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.