Life of an auto rickshaw driver in ‘Pakoda India’

In a country were questions about dearth of jobs and demands pertaining to it being labelled as ‘anti-national question’ and ‘Pakoda’ becoming the answer for everything, let’s check out how an auto rickshaw driver handles his life in Digital India.

This twitter thread gives a basic idea of how an auto rickshaw driver coping up with his daily life.

Even though this amount seems unreasonably high, there is some point.

After all, authorities may have no idea how an autorickshaw union works!

Most of the drivers are alcoholics. Like any other, they also drink to forget their miserable life

Some digital India troubles

Mitron! You won’t get it.

Economy, economy every where

Long wait for Ache din

Some comparisons

Job hunting

some policy works!

Ye tho hona hi tha!


Wisdom ?