Lily Allen takes Twitter break

London, Feb 27 (IANS) Singer Lily Allen has taken a break from Twitter after being targeted by trollers.

The 31-year-old was blasted with hateful messages as she tried to highlight the prejudice shown towards immigrants and Muslims by replacing the words “immigrants” or “Muslims” with “pensioners” in a series of tweets, reports

However, she was trolled by the social media users, who taunted her about her mental health and the death of her son, who was still-born at six months in 2010.

Allen told one Twitter user: “I do have mental health issues. Bi-polar, post-natal depression, and PTSD, does that make my opinion void.”

The singer was also taunted after tweeting: “I lay in a hospital bed with my deceased son stuck between my legs halfway out of my body for 10 hours.”

One person wrote: “Not to be a d**k but I very highly doubt it was 10 hours,” to which Allen replied: “You are a d**k. And it was. I was there, you weren’t.”

However, the devastated star replied: “I didn’t miscarry, I went into early labour and my son died from his chord wrapped around his neck.”

Allen then revealed that she was taking a break from Twitter and handing over her account to someone named Dennis.

“My timeline is full of the most disgusting, sexist, misogynistic, racist s**t. Really, new levels. I’m no masochist so I’ll be back.”

And the new controller of her account wrote: “Hi, I’m Dennis. I’ll be looking after Lily’s Twitter for a while. I can only communicate in gif form, and I’m going on a hate blocking spree.”