Locals rob fair price ration shop after owner refuses ration with old notes in UP

New Delhi,Nov12: Chaos broke out at a ration shop in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday afternoon when owners of the shop refused to give ration pertaining to the recent currency ban called in by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Agitated locals in Chattarpur area of Madhya Pradesh who were waiting in line outside the ration shop resorted to violence after the owners said they would not be providing ration.

Rupees 500 and 1000 notes have been banned in the country allegedly in a bid to fight the proliferating black money in the country. However, the government has been criticised for not taking in due consideration the plight of the poor people across the nation who are left in destitute after the currency ban.

Even after the circulation of Rs 2000 notes, shopkeepers are unwilling to part with 100 rupee notes as Rs 500 notes have not been circulated in the market. Purchasing power has been heavily hit since the ban.