London’s Super Derm doctors promote cosmetics surgery like no other

Londen's Super Derm doctors promote cosmetics surgery like no other

London,Dec19:In an industry that attracts charlatans, a new generation of cosmetic doctors is emerging.

Dubbed the Super Derms, these women are the go-to experts for anyone who wants a younger appearance without looking ‘done’.

The clients they treat at their high-end clinics can expect to look fresher, perkier, tauter and glowing but without the telltale signs of cosmetic intervention. They’re also living advertisements for the work they do.

When I meet Dr Stefanie Williams at her clinic, she apologises for looking bruised.

‘I’ve just had some cheek enhancement fillers,’ she tells me. ‘My patients often want to know what I’ve had done myself and I’m always open about that.’

Stefanie doesn’t look bruised at all. She looks pale and daisy fresh. The waiting room at Dr Williams’s Eudelo clinic in Vauxhall, South London, feels like the foyer of a hip New York hotel.

Dr Maryam Zamani has a clinic in London’s Knightsbridge (which also has a secret entrance) and when I pop in it’s standing room only in a waiting area packed with people of all ages, with glamorous, Middle Eastern ladies toting Hermes handbags in the majority.

All of this is part of anti-ageing — you don’t just buy yourself a facelift. In the Eighties, we had the super-tight facelifts.

‘In the Nineties, everyone was having CO2 laser treatments [skin resurfacing using short, pulses light energy] and walking around with white, shiny faces.

‘Now it’s the equivalent of “no make-up make-up”. And there are nuances. You can have lip fillers and not look like Daffy Duck.’


Has had: Botox — forehead and between brows. Mild peels and some Fraxel laser treatment to tighten and stimulate the collagen.

Would never have: A thread facelift (a non-surgical facelift where threads are inserted into the face and pulled tight to smooth wrinkles).


Has had: Botox sessions three times a year.

Would never have: Never say never, but she says that, hopefully, she will never have to undergo surgery.


Has had: Her own platinum treatment once a month.

Would never have: A facelift. Once you’ve had it done, it can’t be undone, she warns.


Has had: Light Botox between the brows, round the eyes and to the neck. Juvederm fillers under the eyes to stop hollowing and to temples to give lift. Ultherapy skin tightening.

Would never have: Anything in large amounts or not proven to be safe and effective.


Has had: Cheek enhancement fillers, low-dose Botox treatments, monthly dermatology grade facial.

Would never have: Permanent fillers. The temporary ones give better results and carry a much lower risk. And facelifts can always be avoided.