London Attack: Based on this image, War in social media over Islamophobia

London Attack
Is this woman really indifferent to the tragic scene unfolding next to her or is she simply walking past quietly like hundreds of others did?

London, March 23: A photograph of a woman wearing a headscarf, checking her phone as she walks past a victim lying prone after the London terror attacks last evening, has gone viral provoking both outrage and sympathy.

Twitter user Texas Lone Star posted the picture saying, Muslim woman pays no mind to the terror attack, casually walks by a dying man while checking phone with hashtags #PrayforLondon and #BanIslam.

He then followed it up with another tweet of the same picture captioned it THEM alongside a picture showing people (all white) helping a victim and captioned it US, and wrote, “The main difference between Muslims and Christians,” with the hashtags #PrayForLondon #Parliament #Westminster.

The tweets were shared hundreds of times, with many lending voices to Lone Star Texas’ anti-Muslim comments. But as many others quickly put him in his place. Someone even posted a picture of a white man walking past a similar scene while doing nothing, which hasn’t attracted the same amount of attention.

Another user, Dr. Vicky Forster @vickyyyf spelled out her distaste for racial profiling saying, “@SouthLoneStar you are a complete embarrassing mess of a person. Kindly crawl back to the pond you came out of,
Stupidity embodied.”

RogueBennyBen said appropriately, “Who knows what they were doing. Plenty of people involved. May even have been told to walk on. Judgment not needed.

Take note of that it would have been fitting for either bystander to have embedded themselves into a scene which was plainly officially under the control of experts helping the separate casualties.

It is an exemplary case of that it is so natural to take a picture outside the realm of relevance and utilize it with the end goal of promulgation.

The pic of that Muslim young lady got numerous retweets, however, nobody Tweeted a White Guy doing likewise… up to this moment.