London-themed North Kolkata Pandal prepares gold saree of 22 kgs for Goddess Durga

London-themed North Kolkata Pandal prepares gold saree of 22 kgs for Goddess Durga. Photo: Twitter

Kolkata/West Bengal, September 21: The North Kolkata pandal decided to celebrate Durga Puja in a grand style by preparing a gold saree of about 22 kgs for Goddess Durga. The London–themed North Kolkata pandal that is located in Santosh Mitra Squarewould prove as a major attraction in this Durga Puja for Bengalis in West Bengal.

According to reliable sources, around fifty artisans are working presently on the saree. The main designer of the saree is the renowned designer Agnimitra Paul and the main motive behind this idea was to adorn the Goddess with a gold saree. The main idea of the creation of gold saree for Goddess Durga was conceptualized by the Puja Committeee.

According to official sources, Sajal Ghosh the general secretary of the Santosh Mitra Square Puja Committee said that ” The gold saree of Goddess Durga is actually a wonder to witness. No one has ever seen such a saree. Generally, a huge amount of gold is offered in Tirupati temple. But golden saree is something that people have never heard of or seen before. I had approached designer Agnimitra Paul for the work. She was astonished to hear such a concept but she happily accepted this project.”

The 50 artisans also including from Pune and several parts of Bengal, are working on this project. Some of the artists hail from Midnapore and Kolkata. The gold that is being used in the saree is sourced from Senco Gold & Diamonds. The gold saree is embroidered and embossed with flowers, birds, butterflies and peacocks. The other Gods and Goddesses like Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesha would wear sarees like Benarasi, Jardousi and Madhuboni sarees made from the same designer.

Sajal Ghosh further said that “The making of both the gold saree and the pandal were started three months back. The saree is decorated with various precious stones and gems. Twenty kgs gold used in the saree costs around Rs 6 crore. The gems, designing and artisan’s charges are all separate. We have not yet calculated the whole cost yet. However, only the pandal costs more than Rs 1 crore.”

The main theme behind this puja in the location is London. There are replicas of some of the landmarks of London and are presented to audience in the pandal. sajal Ghosh further mentioned that the main pandal is Buckinghum Palace, where the Goddess and her family will be housed. The pandal is spread over 7,000-8,000 square feet area, Big Ben, London Bridge and London Eye would be located in four corners of the Lebutala Park area. The pandal will house iconic Madam Tussaud’s museum, Sherlock Holmes House’, Chelsea Football Club and Kohinoor in miniature forms inside the pandal.

The pandal would be inaugurated on September 24 by the Governor Keshari Nath Tripathy. Sajal Ghost further said that “The security arrangements are elaborate. We have installed artificial intelligence facility. If socurity issue comes in the way, alarms would be there that would alert the local police station at Lebutala Park, just behind the Santosh Mitra Square. In addition, sniffer dogs, police and private security personnel with guns will be deployed inside the pandal.