Lord Ganesha, Jesus, Buddha, Thor, Zeus consuming lamb in Australian ad: Enraged Hindu community demands ban

Lord Ganesha, Jesus, Buddha, Thor, Zeus consuming lamb in Australian ad: Enraged Hindu community demands ban. Photograph: Twitter

Melbourne/ Australia, September 6: A controversial advertisement, featuring Lord Ganesha for the promotion of lamb meat, at Australia has provoked Hindu community in and around the country, says media reports.

According to media reports, the advertisement by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) was released on 4th September referring to Australian Standards Bureau. Following the contention, Hindu community have demanded to ban the campaign.

As the advertisement features Lord Ganesha and other divinities promoting consumption of lamb meat, Nitin Vashisht, spokesman of Hindu community in Australia demands withdrawal of the controversial advertisement.

In the ad, apart from Lord Ganesha, other divinities counting Buddha, Jesus, Thor and Zeus are portrayed consuming lamb sitting around a table at barbecue.
The advertisement quotes, “to lamb – the meat we can all eat”. According to media reports, Nitin got annoyed and said, “He is shown as … Eating lamb and looking for a new marketing strategy for himself. [That] is really very insensitive to the community.”

Many people got enraged with the controversial ad and reacted through social media.

Considering all the controversial statements, Andrew Howie, MLA Group Marketing Manager told that new campaign continues under the banner ‘You Never Lamb Alone’. It shows that everyone can unite over lamb, no matter on their beliefs or background. Howie said, “We know that lamb has been the meat that brings everyone together for decades, and what better way to celebrate the product than over a modern spring barbecue.”

Howie also asserted, “Our marketing aims to reach more consumers by making lamb more relevant to a diverse, modern Australia. This time around we are highlighting the diversity of religious beliefs, backgrounds and dietary requirements in modern Australia. Ultimately, our marketing activities are designed to showcase quality Australian lamb and return value to levy- payers by growing the demand for the product,” says media reports.