Lottery windfall stuns office in Australia

Canberra, Jan 6 (IANS) Twenty-one government employees have won a lottery jackpot worth $40.3 in Australia.

The Queensland workers will each get about $1 million from the winning ticket, the BBC quoted lottery owner Tatts Group as saying on Friday.

The syndicate members all worked at the state’s department of education.

The winners, who wish to remain anonymous, used an office computer to confirm their windfall, Tatts said.

“We were talking in the office yesterday (Thursday) about what we would do if we won and now it has happened. I just can’t believe it,” the syndicate leader said in a statement.

“Now I’ll be able to buy a house and get my teeth fixed. I’ll be able to afford braces.”

Some of her colleagues who also won initially thought it was a joke, she added.

The winners were aged between 23 and 60.