Love and Life

Love is the Substratum and Life is its expression. We all are love incarnates. Every living being on earth. Every plant, tree, bird, animal and human being on earth craves for love and thrives on love and love alone.

Life on earth has its flavours. Various emotions that appear and disappear in the canvass of life add colours and flavours to our existence. They all co exist in our mind. Everything exists in the mind and when mind changes, every relationship changes. Emotions are energies in motion. They blossom with circumstances.

A small story –

A group of students went to meet an old monk living alone in a mountain cave. Each one of them had a different question for the monk. When they arrived at his cave, he welcomed them as if he was waiting for them and as if he knew them since ages. They were surprised because they were meeting for the first time. He offered them forest fruits and water. Once everyone had settled their hunger and thirst, they gathered around the stone on which the old monk was sitting. He looked with love into their eyes and asked “Why do you youngsters look so old and worried than this old man?. Each one started telling him their question.

“Master, I am always angry. What should I do?” He said “Replace anger with love”.

“Master, I cannot control jealousy”. He said “Love is absent. Cultivate love”
“Master, I hate my classes, lessons” He said “Switch to love.”

Thus one by one, all worries, anxieties and negativities flowed out of them and the old monk gave them the medicine of love freely and unconditionally. This touched them deeply.
Finally, the monk said “Why did you climb this mountain in this hot summer day and come to see me? The solution for all your problems are inside you and it is simply LOVE. What else can I give you, except show you a mirror image of your own face? You have everything that you need inside you. All you need is love. And do not wait for love from outside. In your own property or your inner space, cultivate love. All you need is LOVE for a healthy LIVING”. All the students left contended and their life changed.13096128_1071166689607734_3867377203902292192_n

All emotions that happen in our love are transitory and impermanent. Only love is real. When the waves of emotions subside, love is all you see. Love of mother earth towards all its children, as well as the unconditional love of the air that nourishes us, water that sustains us, and the sun that fuels life on earth. It is all unconditional love. And if everything is love, our natural disposition in life should also be to love ourselves. Many of us fall into the trap of always looking outward. We easily love what is outside, but forget to be kind and loving to ourselves. Thus an imperative step in life, is to love yourself and live in harmony with who you are.   True  Love is not based on conditionings. It is not based on our perception of what reality is. The expression of Love is simply being in an inner space that has no expectations. As soon as we add expectations to this natural expression of our being, then love dies and it is replaced by attachment. Love is the most natural state of our inner self. Life is the dynamic dance of love.

Life as we see it through our senses is often delusional. We can only understand life through our spectacles while reality could be something else. We judge a situation based on our awareness. We may lose its real flavour in the process. Life is a dynamic dance of love. To learn this dance, all we need to do is  increase our awareness to see the varied aspects of life clearly. Awareness is the only worthy investment in one lifetime. Increasing awareness means increasing clarity. The meaning of awareness is being conscious of our consciousness and being aware of every thoughts words and actions. It also means is BEING IN NOW.

I wish you Great Awareness and a Great LIFE filled with LOVE


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