Love eating with your hands? Know 9 reasons to feel good about it

Love eating with your hands? Know 9 reasons to feel good about it

We Indians are famous throughout the globe for our culinary skills and our ancestral habit of eating with our hands. It is a regular habit for us to throw away the glittery spoons and enjoy our special meal with our bare hands no matter in which 5-star hotel we are.

Apart from the logic behind the practise, there are few reasons which make eating with the hand more preferable than with mechanical forks or spoons.

Here we list down few of the reasons

1. Increases blood circulation

It is a sort of an exercise which moves the muscles of the hand thus increasing blood circulation. o fitness freaks, throw away your spoons and try using your fingers to get food to your mouth.

2. Helps you have a sensual emotion with food

Eating with a fork and a spoon is a mechanical process but when you use your hands, you feel an emotional connection with the food that flows into your system with all the flavour and the spices.

3. Helps in better digestion

Your food is digested well because when the hand touches the food, the nerves on the fingertips experience it and then send signals to the brain which instructs the body to release digestive juices. Perhaps this is why food tastes better when eaten with hands.

4. Helps you know the food is hot

While using spoon or fork you won’t know how hot the food is. But while using your hands you can slowly savour it without burning your tongue or the taste buds.

5. Hygienic too

Though it may sound offensive to the Western world, our hands are cleaner than the fork and spoons used.

6. Non-veg munchings

How will you savour the chicken legs with a knife and a fork? None of the Indians will agree that you would be able to enjoy your drumsticks without having a grip with your hand.

7.Indian cuisine better with hands

Have you ever tried and succeed eating paratha with a fork and spoon? Impossible it is without your hands!