‘I love him so much, I can’t live with or without him’ ; Amala Paul has opened about her life

Chennai, Sep 06: South Indian actress Amala Paul had been in news since quite sometime with the news of her divorce from husband and director AL Vijay.

While initially there were no confirmations about the celebrity split, soon in an interview with a news channel, Vijay’s father AL Azhagappan confirmed that Amala and Vijay are filing for divorce. Later, Amala’s estranged husband Vijay in a press statement clarified and urged to his fans not to drag his parents into this matter. However, Amala Paul never spoke about it.

Now, almost after a month, Amala Paul has opened about her life post-separation and her future plans.

Talking to a media on how she dealt with her personal problems, Amala said, ”My brother Abhijith has been a huge source of support to me. I love him so much. We share a typical brother-sister bond… I can’t live with or without him. He was the one who have stood by me though out the times of trouble.”

When asked about if her continuing to act in movies after marriage was a factor in the separation, Amala said, “It’s all about how you find a right place. Everything depends on one’s capability to find the seat which they deserve and that is what I did.”

On her future plans, Amala replied,”My future plans are to get surprised either for the better or for the worse. If you ask me what I wish to do is to develop a consecrated place for well-being. And this includes doing good movies, which will excite the actor in me.”

In an interesting turn of events, both Vijay and Amala have not sought alimony or compensation from each other. The judge has taken the case for further proceedings and has postponed the next hearing by next February.

Amala and Vijay got married on June 10, 2014 — but within one year, they had differences of opinions and started living in separate houses from May 3, 2015.