Lucky to have producer like Manish Mundra: Atanu Mukherjee

Panaji, Nov 22 (IANS) Atanu Mukherjee, the debut filmmaker of “Rukh” –starring Manoj Bajpayee that is selected in the “Film Bazaar Recommends” category, has said he is thankful for the support of a producer like Manish Mundra for his film.

“Being a debut filmmaker, it is important to get creative freedom while narrating the story. I am lucky to have Manish Mundra for my debut film because my creative sensibility matches with him. So as a production house Drishyam Films supported me all the way to make the film, exactly the way I wanted to make it,” Atanu told IANS.

Starring Manoj Bajpayee, the film talks about a journey of a boy who is in search of his father.

Giving a better insight of the story Atanu said: “It is an internal journey of the boy who goes through various situations that direct him set his journey in a certain manner. Rukh means direction. So the title of the film is pretty apt following the story.”

Asked if the selection of the film in the 10th NFDC Film Bazaar gives the film different mileage, he said: “Well, we are looking at international market and festival promotions. Since this is my first film, I am attending the Film Bazaar for the first time, and my film has been selected, I am expecting a lot from here.”

“So far, whoever, I have come across are appreciation my work. Most importantly there are so many aspects of filmmaking that is opening up to me by interacting with industry people. So yes, the experience is enriching,” he said

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