Madhya Pradesh DM gets Rs 5 lakh in box of sweets

Bhopal, Jan 10 (IANS) A man put Rs 5 lakh in a box of sweets and gave it to the District Magistrate of Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh as a bribe, the officer, who refused to accept it, told media on Tuesday.

According to sources, Abhijeet Agarwal, the District Magistrate of Sheopur, was working in his office when one of his old acquaintances came to meet him on Sunday and presented the box of sweets.

Agarwal accepted the box and kept it aside. Later, when he opened it he found it full of Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 currency notes instead of sweets.

When he realised that he was being bribed, he called the person and gave him an earful. It was not clear for what was the man sweetening the acquaintance with the District Magistrate.

However, the DM didn’t file a police complaint against the person, the police confirmed.