Madrasas need to unfurl tricolour, make children sing National Anthem daily: MP Education Minister Vijay Singh

Bhopal/ Madhya Pradesh, September 23: Madrasas need to unfurl the Tricolour regularly to inculcate patriotism among the children, urged Madhya Pradesh School Education Minister Vijay Singh. He made the appeal on Friday adding that the children should be made to sing the National Anthem daily, says media reports.

Towards the words of Singh, “I appeal to all madrasas in MP to unfurl the Tricolour and sing the national anthem daily. I don’t think anybody should have a problem with that. Nobody has.”

Singh applauded madrasas for doing their best to build a ‘nationalistic ideology’ among students. He thus spoke at a function while marking the 20th foundation day of MP Madrasa Board in Bhopal.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had also accompanied the Education Minister. CM also marked his view on how children should be made to love the nation. Chouhan asserted that kids should be taught about love, brotherhood and patriotism, “How to love one’s country and help it march ahead should be part of school curriculum… We drink the same water and eat the same food and our blood is red. We can follow different faiths.”

In order to get better job opportunities, the minister stressed on the need to modernise education provided by madrasas. He said, “we should skill them and make them competent enough to face life’s challenges. On one hand, there is joblessness and on the other, there is a lack of skilled people.”

The board led by chairman Syed Imad Uddin is planning to revise its curriculum based on the theme “Vatan Se Mohabbat Ka Islam Dharma Mein Kya Mahatva Hai (What is the importance of love for one’s country in Islam).”