Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors assures to resume duty today

Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors assures to resume duty today.
Discussion with MARD and Devendra Fadnavis successful, resident doctors resume duty.

Mumbai, March 23: The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) assured the Bombay High Court on Thursday that their members will recommence duty today. This came after the state government promised to post added 500 armed guards to guard doctors in government and civic hospitals in Mumbai.

The court also said the resident doctors can amicably settle the matter by speaking to the government and ordered them to return to work within no time.

The High Court had slammed the resident doctors who have been striking since Monday and had granted permission to hospital authorities to take action against protestors.

“You are not fit to be doctors,” had said the division bench of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and justice Girish Kulkarni. “You are fit to be an ordinary factory worker if you insist that you will not resume work until your demands are fulfilled,” the bench had observed.

Junior doctors have been staging protests for the past four days over a spate of attacks on them. They are demanding higher security in state-run hospitals.