Mahila Congress President likens Modi to Tughlaq

Panaji, Dec 10 (IANS) Likening Prime Minister Narendra Modi to emperor Mohammad bin Tughlaq, All India Mahila Congress President Shobha Ojha on Saturday said that a lot of “common people” were put to hardship due to a string of decisions taken by the Prime Minister in the course of demonetisation.

“Our Tughlaq Modi ji has been issuing new orders every day … Modi first asked for four-five days, then Jaitley asked for 15 days, then Modi ji asked for 50 days. Is this a government or a joke? They have made tamasha of a government. How will common man trust a government,” Ojha asked.

She said while the common man was facing a crisis, those with black money were given safe passage by the central government to go abroad.

Tughlaq, who ruled the Delhi Sultanate for a short period of time in the 14th century, was known for his controversial decisions like shifting the capital of the Sultanate from Delhi to Daulatabad and introducing non-precious metal currency, which backfired on him.

“At the end of the day who is the loser. Who is facing pinch of demonetisation, commoner, student, farmer, housewife who have nothing to do with black money. Today, they are in queues for hours,” Ojha said, claiming that there were over 100 deaths due to the hardships caused to common people in the wake of demonetisation.