Majority of Indian male gamers prefer multiplatform gaming

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) While women are more into strategic and puzzle games, Indian men prefer action games and a majority of them were multiplatform gamers, a new survey has found.

According to a survey by Mauj Mobile-owned gaming app Gamesbond, two-third of Indian male mobile gamers prefer multi platform gaming like playing on PCs, laptops, gaming consoles and even in gaming parlours.

“Around 33 per cent men prefer gaming on multi-platform devices wherein only 22 per cent are comfortable with playing games on mobile phone,” the survey pointed out.

The survey also found that 24 per cent men, who play action oriented games, prefer multiplatform gaming while only 20 per cent prefer playing action games on mobile.

Also, on an average, the men who are multiplatform gamers end up spending double the time on games when compared to men who play games on a single platform.

Unlike women, men give preference to racing and action games over puzzles and strategic games, the study found.